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Saturday, December 8, 2007

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What is a residual domain? My own personal definition of a residual domain is any domain name that generates income with very little or no ongoing effort.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

I thought so too until I decided to dive into the domain name market and now I'd like to share what I have learned with you.

Registering a domain name
No matter how you choose to monetize your domains, they should be related to a personal interest you have. The reason for this is because the last thing you want is to be bored to death during the setup and promotion of your domains. Think about your hobbies, interests, personal experiences, health concerns etc. You will likely come up with a list of potential domain names a mile long in no time. If you can't contact me and I'll gladly help you out.

Let's review some of the most common methods that are being used to earn people steady residual income from domain names.

Website development

If you are willing to invest the time and effort involved to create a website for your domain name, you can earn a decent residual income from either selling your products and services on your site or earning income from advertisements on your website (pay per click, banner ads, selling link space etc). Warning! You must be willing to invest lots of time and some money to promote your site long before you can expect to see any amount of visitors or good page ranking. That said, this is no question one of the best long term residual income strategies.


Blogging is sweeping the web and is a way for anyone to easily publish any information they wish. Blogs can generate residual income in many ways. Promoting and selling the blog owners products and services, promoting affiliate products, and displaying pay per click ads such as the google adsense ads I have on my blog.

Link sales

If you are fortunate enough to own a domain that has a high page rank, people will pay good money to have you place a link from your page to theirs. This really only applies to two situations, the first is if you own a website that already has a high page rank and steady visitors. The second is if you are fortunate enough to own a premium domain name, that is one that is likely to have a high "type-in" frequency. This means people are likely to type your domain name into their browser because they assume they will find the information they are seeking by doing so. Example, if I wanted to find information on blood pressure reducing foods I may type in to see if there is a website with relevant information there. I should note that in most cases you will have to prove your domains page rank value.

Domain parking

A parked domain is a domain that typically displays only advertisements in the form of text links, with any luck relevant to your domain name. These parked domains are usually parked with one of the prominent domain registrars as they offer easy parking services for anyone who registers a domain name with them. The biggest problem with this is that when someone visits your parked domain and clicks on an ad, the domain registrar likely earns the majority of any money earned from the click (usually between 50 and 85 percent).Until recently, parking domains was really only profitable for those lucky enough to own a premium domain with a high "type-in" rate (as discussed above), and of course the domain registrar. Not any more!I have been in the web development industry for ten years now and though I specialize in high impact flash marketing movies with my company,, I have also developed several successful web communities and directories. The root of this success was the keyword descriptive domain name I purchased. Countless hours, weeks, months and years of hard work were also required to achieve success. This is a very gradual process and if you are a relatively impatient person, the information I am about to share is for you.

Why park your domain names using traditional parking services when you can WhyPark your domains?

WhyPark is without a doubt, a revolution in domain parking. If you are interested in earning residual income from domains you currently own or you are looking to create a new source of residual income, I urge you to read my WhyPark blog for more information.

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